what is janelia all about ?

Janeliasoul responded on 04/12/2011


If you noticed, I always state at the end of my monthly newsletters "Yours truly in Art, Music & Love". These three expressions are what I'm about, for the following reasons;

The "Art" because I was born a natural artist, evident to my parents since I was a toddler. I also received a bachelors degree in "Fine Arts". There are many things I do besides music, everything has to be artistically done and these many aspects of me be can be perceived as a gestalt. I am Art.

The "Music" because I just simply love music and singing gives me joy. It is also an extension of my artistic expression. Emotions I cannot paint, draw or braid about, I sing about. I love it so much that I have chosen to make a career of it and want my music to move people.

The "Love" because it is the greatest of all. Like music, love is a universal language. We need more of it in this crazy world and it is a prevalent message in my music.

Yours truly in Art, Music & Love:-)


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